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capo 2

Be[G]fore you came
I’ve been [C]lost and all [D]alone but still no[G]body knew
Watching [C]days all passing [D]by, still here just [Am7]on my own
Just [B7]letting time slip [Em]away
Waiting for [Am7]someone to [C]hear
The voice wi[D]thin my [D7]soul

Just [G]like the sun,
When you [C]walked into my [D]life
You eased the [G]pain away
Lighting [C]up the dark and brin[D]ging color [Am7]to my life
That [B7]moment when I feel our [Em]love
You [Am7]are the one that [C]I’ve been dreaming [D]of

I’ll be here[C]by your side [D]
Keeping you [Bm]warm in my [Em]arms
Loving you [C]till I die
Just [D]put your hand in mine [Gg7]
Listen to [C]my heartbeat [D]
You’ll feel [Bm]the love just for [Em]you
Every[C]thing turns bright when [G]you smile
Cuz you’ll [Cm]always be the [D]sunshine… in my [G]heart
Here [G]comes the dawn I won’t [C]have to walk [D]alone
Cuz you’re now [G]here with me
It was [C]just the dream I [D]dreamed until you [Am7]make it real
That moment [B7]when we share our love [Em]
You [Am7]are the one I [C]cherish all my life [D]

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