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==[D]This is where it goes I should have ended
[Bm7]But you called me out the one you’ve friended
[Em7]I know I shouldn’t go I should have said no
[G]But I just can’t [A]say

[D]Half of me in pain trying to help you
[Bm7]The other one in vain trying to quit you
[Em7]Not to fall no more but I can’t help it
[G]Boy why can’t you [A]see

[D]Tell me why oh why… every time you’re back to her I’m
[Bm7]Always left behind… always be the one on call to
[Em7]Hear you cry, hear you cry… be a warming
[G]Place for you… if [A]I don’t, who will do?
[D]All the tears I’ve shed… waiting for you to come back and
[Bm7]Say that she’s the best… what is left right now is me look
[Em7]Like a mess, I’m a mess… It’s too late I
[G]Can’t go back… this [A]love is a broken track

[D]Picking up the pieces just to please you
[Bm7]Be the shadow of your girl to entertain you
[Em7]Who am I in your eyes I just don’t get it
[G]Things can’t go like this [A]… Boy I can feel

[D]Every time we touch… I just can’t resist the truth that
[Bm7]I love you so much…They say love is colorblind but
[Em7]I’m in blue, into you… Even though I
[G]Can’t get through… [A]you… oh…

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