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Hướng dẫn đệm hát bài (Cover)Top Of The World :

Shane Ericks | Patty Griffin
Tone Bb | Capo ngăn 3 chơi theo G
Gạch nhịp Vũ Hà | Hợp âm Shane Ericks

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 |[]_ []_ |[G]_ []_ |[C]_ []_
 |[G]_ [D]_ |[G]_ []_ |[G]_ [D]_
 |[G]Such a feelin’s [D]comin’ over |[G]me
 There is |[Bm7]wonder in most [Am7]every thing_|[G]_ I see…
 Not a |[C]cloud in the [D]sky
 Got the |[Bm7]sun in my [E7]eyes
 And I |[Am7]_won’t be surprised if it’s a |[D]dream…..
 |[G]Everything I [D]want the world to |[G]be
 Is now |[Bm7]coming true es[Am7]pecially |[G]for me
 And the |[C]reason is [D]clear..
 It’s be|[Bm7]cause you are [E7]here
 You’re the |[Am7]nearest thing to heaven that I’ve seen_|[D]_
 I’m on the |[G]top of the world lookin’ |[C]….down on creation
 And the |[G]only expla[D]nation I |[G]can find….
 Is the |[C]love that I’ve [D]found ever |[G]since you’ve been a[C]round
 Your love’s |[G]put me at the [D]top of the |[G]world…..|[G][D]
 |[G]Something in the [D]wind has learned |[G]my name
 And it’s |[Bm7]tellin’ me that [Am7]things are not the |[G]same
 In the |[C]leaves on the [D]trees
 And the |[Bm7]touch of the [E7]breeze
 There’s a |[Am7]pleasin’ sense of happiness for_[D]_me_____
 |[G]There is only [D]one wish on |[G]my mind
 When this |[Bm7]day is through I [Am7]hope that |[G]I will find
 That to|[C]morrow will [D]be
 Just the |[Bm7]same for you and [E7]me
 All I |[Am7]need will be mine if you |[G]are here_____[G]
 —> 3*CHORUS —> EN

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