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Capo 2

(Verse 1)
Everybody [Am]knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody [F]rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody [Am]knows the war is over
Everybody [F]knows that the good guys lost
Everybody [Dm]knows the fight was f [E]ixed
The poor stay [G]poor, the rich get r [Am]ich
That's how it [A#]goes…. [E]Everybody kno [Am]ws

(Verse 2)
Everybody [Am]knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody [F]knows that the captain lied
Everybody [Am]got this broken feeling
Like their [F]father or their dog just died
Everybody [Dm]talking to their pock [E]ets
Everybody [G]wants a box of [Am]chocolates
And a long stem [A#]rose. [E]Everybody kno [Am]ws

(Verse 3)
Everybody [Am]knows that you love me, baby
Everybody [F]knows that you really do
Everybody [Am]knows that you've been faithful
…Give or [F]take a night or two
Everybody [Dm]knows you've been discre [E]et
But there were so many [G]people you just had to meet [Am] Without your [A#]clothes.. [E]. And everybody knows [Am]

Everybody [C]knows, everybody k [G]nows…
That's how things goes [Am][G]Everybody k [C]nows
Everybody [C]knows, everybody k [G]nows…
That's how things goes [Am][G]Everybody k [C]nows [A#] [Am] (Verse 4)
And everybody [Am]knows that it's now or never
Everybody [F]knows that it's me or you
And everybody [Am]knows that you live forever
When you've [F]done a line or two
Everybody [Dm]knows the deal is r [E]otten
Old black [G]Joe's still picking [Am]cotton
For your ribbon and [A#]bows… [E]And everybody knows [Am]

(Verse 5)
Everybody [Am]knows the plague is coming
Everybody [F]knows that it's moving fast
Everybody [Am]knows that your naked man and woman
Are just a [F]shining artifact of the past
Everybody [Dm]knows the scene is d [E]ead
But there's gonna be a [G]meter on your [Am]bed
Which will disclo [A#]se… [E]What everybody know [Am]s

[Am][F][Am][F][Dm][E][G][Am][A#][E][Am] (Verse 5)
And everybody [Am]knows that you're in trouble
Everybody [F]knows what you've been through
From the bloody [Am]cross on top of Calvary
To the [F]beach of Malibu
Everybody [Dm]knows it's coming apar [E]t
Take one last [G]look at this sacred hea [Am]rt
before it [A#]blows… [E]And everybody knows [Am]

Everybody [C]knows, everybody k [G]nows…
That's how it [Am]goes… [G]Everybody k [C]nows
Everybody [C]knows, everybody k [G]nows…
That's how it [Am]goes… [G]Everybody k [C]nows
Everybody [C]knows, everybody k [G]nows…
That's how it [Am]goes… [G]Everybody k [C]nows

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Ca sĩ: Leonard CohenSigrid (Tông Bm) Tác giả: Leonard Cohen Thể loại: Synth pop Điệu: chọn điệu


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